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THIS SITE IS NOW IN A READ-ONLY STATE. No! We are NOT shutting down! We are in preparation for updating the entire site and archiving/preserving this current one. New Registrations are closed until the new site is open, which will probably be in about a month. CURRENT MEMBERS: You can still use the shoutbox and the IRC chatroom to talk with one another.

PBBS is the abbreviation for Predaphiles Network.
PBBS is a community for "alternative" Predator fans; those who see the Yautja "Predator" species as something more than a cardboard cutout movie monster. We see the Predator species as something that has a lot of potential. Whether that be through humor, drama, adventure, horror or sex and erotica. We aren't afraid of satire too, and welcome it, along with everything else that turns the Predator into more than what most "average fans" believe in. To learn more about this, please visit our definition page.
These "alt" fans can be apart of a growing fanbase dedicated to fan-driven content that squares on the lesser-seen aspects of the Yautja aka the Predator. And it's a great way to make like-friends in a close and friendly atmosphere, and join in on some meaningful, silly or (usually) intelligent conversation. Predator-related or otherwise.

If you're a returning member: please use the sign-in form at the top to log in.
If you're a guest: most of our content is locked due to some of its nature. That, and we are naturally a close-knit bunch. We don't want unknown people eavesdropping on our conversations as much as you probably don't want someone eavesdropping on your own. It is highly suggested to read our definition page to see what we are about here, because we aren't your average Predator forum. If you agree to what it says and you're eager to sign up [and are at least 18 and over] then please follow yourself to our instruction page on how to get access.

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